Lazy Days

So the Summer is finally here, almost.  In a few weeks most people with kids will enter that phase of the year where summer vacations happens.  Lots of people go away on vacation during this time.  It becomes hard to schedule people for meetings, so conversations get delayed, decisions get postponed until some future date when everyone can get back together.  It is almost as bad as December, when many people take off for the holidays, returning sometime in January.  This does not mean everything stalls during the Summer or at the end of the year.  It just means that work functions a little bit differently.

Some people take 'advantage' of the weather here.  Whenever the sky momentarily stops being a dismal gray, turning to any other hue sometimes including blue, many people find that they've suddenly become deathly ill on a Monday or Friday, some just resort to coming in late or leaving early.  So added to all the official vacations, Summer becomes a rather lax time.  I think this happens in December too, whenever new snowfall hits the slopes.

And then there's me.  I actually get more done during this time of Sun and Fun, being naturally adverse to the big balls of fire and cold slippery hillsides.  I find that a lack of meetings, a lack of affirmative decision making and its inevitable turmoil produces the perfect environment for actually writing code.  Summer is always good for making huge strides, improving my personal best.

It's also easier to get dressed in the morning, shorts and a t-shirt.  It's great working at Microsoft.


Comments (2)

  1. First couple of really nice days in Chicago in a while. I’m laying in a hammock in my backyard writing code in the afternoon sun. The black keys on my laptop are hot to the touch from the sun.

  2. michael says:

    I often day dream of having my own home with a nice patio, so I can wander outside with my wireless network.


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