Artificial Content

Controversial Topic

1.  Catchy Lead-In

2.  Comical Description

3.  Obscure Prose

4.  Ironic Summation

For those of you using the 'artificial content' blog post formula, try to keep away from anything materially related to work or projects you know anything about.  It will keep your posts interesting to others not knowing what in the world they will possibly contain and for most people it will keep them guessing as to what they are possibly about.

For those of you using the 'technology article' blog post formula, remember to keep to the basics.  Theres no reason to shoot for anything more complicated than 'how do I make my code go in loops.'  Remember, Dr. Dobbs Journal existed for years with technology articles repeatedly covering such mundane topics as 'Linked Lists', 'Binary Trees', 'Bubble Sort' and for you object-oriented aficionados 'Complex Numbers'.

Please don't forward this outside of Microsoft


Comments (2)

  1. Androidi says:

    Haha. I was reading this from blogs msdn mainfeed, without first looking who was the author, halfway through I was thinking "this sounds like The Wayward formula" – and looks who’s..

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