The Hard Life

There was a surprising derth of posts over the last week.  The vacation was great, but the 'brand new' resort had no internet connections in the rooms.  I suppose they figured everyone was there to relax.  I could have dialed out, but that's always been a tiresome and agonizing process so I refrained.  Luckily, the resort did have a pair of laptops in its coffee shop to be used free of charge.  These guys were hooked into what felt like their own shared dial up.  I made use of one of them a few days ago, and that's how you got my brilliant vacation posts.  Of course, I tried many times to get back to them.  Afterall, I'm an addict and I can't be kept away from my digitial reality for too long.  However, my patience wore thin waiting in line for grandfathers to download their vacation photos and teenagers to keep up with their own digitial lifestyles, one that seemed to be keeping up with conversations with at least thirty seperate teenage girls.  I suspect he was stringing a few along.  Anyway, I've got plenty of obtuse observations to share with you all as soon as I get a good night sleep.  Flying coach, drinking mai tai's is a hard life.


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