Connecting Flight from Hell

Everyone has a story about the connecting flight from hell.  I suppose I do too.  This would not be it, but rather an observation about it all.  Why is it when you have a connecting flight the respective gates are at the opposite ends of the airport, every time?  You'd think the airlines would figure this one out, so you wouldn't have to hike a couple of miles with thirty pound carry-on bags.


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  1. Jeff says:

    I wouldn’t know. If I have to connect, I check the bags.

  2. Steve Hall says:

    Pray tell, which crappy airport did you have the misery of connecting through? Lemme guess, DFW (Dallas-Forth Worth) ? Methinks it’s the worst….

    Invariably, every time I fly through DFW, I’m dropped off at Gate 1 and have to RUN to Gate 42….3/4th’s of a mile away!…due to the plane landing 20 minutes late into a measily 50 minute lay-over (which BTW, is SUPPOSED to be illegal! 60 minutes is SUPPOSED to the minimum… But maybe that’s been reduced in recent years, probably with the lame excuse of terrorism prevention…)

    The worst part of DFW connections is if you have to connect to a different airline…’cause you have to get on the crappy inter-terminal building trams, which eat up your connection time. I’ve missed many flights this way, and now avoid inter-airline connections (and DFW) for this very reason. (Both airlines like to play the finger-pointing game when this happens. I’ve had to "go off to the side" into their offices to get them to yell at each other and get a seat on another flight from either airline… Fun, fun, fun!)

    When it comes to DFW, do what Nancy Reagan often said: "Just say NO!" Or, if you do happen to land there, take a ‘lude and a 3-finger bourbon on the rocks right before landing!

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