Analogies and Metaphors

I thought that when I went on vacation I'd have a lot of time to think of brilliant new analogies that I could spin into a few thought provoking bits of prose that would shed light on life as a programmer, code and our reason for being.  I thought that the sights and the sounds of the ocean would stir images in my head that would help me see clearly what it is that we do, day to day, minute by minute, as I punch keys and think in abstractions.  I stood on the beach as the thundering waves rolled in, crashing before me and stretching out across the sand to wash across my toes.  I was certain that I would find a metaphor in the tiny specs of sand, the immensity of the water, the electric blue of the sky, the vast formations of the clouds, the intensity of the heat.  But nothing came.  I was at peace, and the thoughts of my other life faded.  No disrespect to you all, but I kind of forgot about this whole charade for a while.  Strange what a bit of sand mushing between your toes can do to you. 


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