The Easy Life

There was not much to do today, except sit in the sun, float on the waves and take a long nap during the heat of the day.  That's the life.  That's vacation.  That's what it is all about.  That's why I do the nine to five (or the eight to seven, or was it really the ten to four?).  Dunno.  I'd better start keeping track.  I hope no one from HR is reading this.  Anyway, the easy life, its why I sit in my office plugged into to the machine, tuned into the code, to make this happen, this once a year get away, where for a handful of days I get to pretend all the rest does not exist.  Kind of sad, if you think about it.  Makes you want to ditch it all and take up the life of the beach comber, living off the land and the sea, living in a little shack somewhere on the coast, a warped wooden porch, a creaky old chair, chips and guacamole and an ice cold beer.  Why isn't that my life?  Why do I do it, only to get this tiny limited reward?  Maybe its the free coke.  That must be it. 


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  1. D. Brian Ellis says:

    I went to Key West and found myself thinking the same thing. I spent the next 2 weeks going "Maybe they know something I don’t…? I’ll quit my job, move here and drive a cab….hmmm…". Then you realize the girl who runs your diving trip has no health insurance and pays more to rent her shack on the beach than you would for two mortgages and it’s okay again.

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