Bar Hopping

A couple of weeks ago, Raymond Chen (I think it was him) posted a link to a funny write up on British pub ettiquette.  One bit I recall that was interesting was the general scorn the locals held for unknowing tourists ambling up to the bar in groups, when of course that justs crowds everyone and everything at the bar, so in fact they actually prefer groups to elect a single member or maybe two if the group is excessively large to approach the bar and order drinks for everyone else.  Sounds reasonable. 

So here I am in Kauai, about as far from the British Isles that you can get on this planet, at a resort with a poolside bar with no waiter service seeking you out, so if you want a drink you have to plod up to the bar yourself.  However, don't try to order drinks for your friends, the local laws prohibit you from carrying more than one drink at a time.  People still order multiple though.  What are they going to do?  You can see them all the time ferrying drinks from the bar back to others in their group sitting in lounge chairs around the pool, and then trotting back to get more.  Kind of silly.  Kind of a wasteful.  But who am I to complain; the drinks are good.  If this is the only bit of silliness that I draw from this vacation, then so be it.  BTW, I had the fruity drinks with no umbrellas. 



Comments (2)

  1. Delboy would be shamed of you 😉

  2. Matt,

    >> BTW, I had the fruity drinks with no umbrellas.

    too much free coke, i assume 🙂


    thomas woelfer

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