Fiction: The Trap

Here's another story for you to read instead of getting your work done.  

The Trap

It felt as though my stomach had been pulled up into my throat as the floor dropped away from my feet. The prickling sensation in my skin was a wonder in the brief moment before I realized I was falling. Then my toes, my fingers and my eyes screamed in panic, but not for long.

Quickly, my reflexes fought against the fear that had numbed me. I found my hands seeking out the edges of the dark, finding stonework slipping past. My fingers tried twice for a hold against the surface, but lichen covering the stones gave way and I plummeted downward into the pit.

Go ahead, READ THE STORY, you know you want to.


Comments (2)

  1. Thanks, enjoyed reading that. Reminds me of when Robert Love used to write Land of Confusion in his .plan file.

  2. D. Brian Ellis says:

    <- Nothing to do with your fiction. You were espousing the virtues of ObjectSpaces like crazy. Now it’s not even coming till Longhorn (never). So what happened?

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