Justice League

The cat is finally out of the bag.  I know, I know, with my posts it seems like every other one has some animal jumping out of some type of enclosure.  If it's not a bag then its some box filled with radioactive isotopes.  Maybe its just that it happens a lot around here.  Maybe its just my sick mind.  Maybe I just have a lot of pets.  Whichever, its finally time to own up to the truth.  I gave you a hint of it back when I posted about the “Legion of Doom.”  But now there is irrefutable evidence of the truth that proves without a shadow of a doubt that there is just something fishy about us Microsoft bloggers.   I refer to a comment made by a reader who unfortunately saw through our veil of secrecy. 

It is true.  We are not the simple mild-mannered developers you all took us for.  We are in fact super hero's, the likes you have never seen before in a comic book.  We are the true-to-life ones, that live among you with secret identities.  We mistakenly thought that we could masquerade as our true selves while online, but the jig is up, we've been found out.  Our leader, Jay-Baz of krypton has issued an order for the rest of us to retreat back into our fortress of solitude.  This might be the last post you get from this fledgling do-gooder, fighter of crime and general perpetrator of bad taste.  But never fear, we will still be working hard to rid the world of corruption and evil. 

But I digress


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  1. Androidi says:

    I have a theory why Cyrus & co have so much time to spend blogging and writing fiction. From a few pieces of data I’ve gathered..




    an essence is emerging


  2. Matt says:

    Drats. I guess we’d better get out of here now!

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