Aloha Oy

Nothing says summer (or spring) like a good vacation.  While everyone else around here is nose to the grindstone, layered in meeting after meeting, preparing the product for beta and getting all their ducks in a row for TechED, I'm going to be relaxing on the beach on the shores of Kauai.  Why?  Because I can!  That's why.  Don't worry.  I won't be forgetting you.  In fact, I'm bringing this little lap top with me so I can keep in touch.  Somehow I will evade the cold stares from my wife and the cruise missile attacks from my son and find a spare moment to tap out a few pearls for the likes of everyone back here.  And maybe, just maybe, this little week away will do me some good.  I will be researching the location for my next bit of fiction.  I'm thinking about a story where an alien crash lands on a Hawaiian island and pretends to be a small strange dog in order to evade his enemies.  Hmmm...  What do you think?  Too Disney?   I don't know.  My son Charlie has been collecting the gear he will need when he starts searching for experiment number 221.  He is certain that it landed somewhere near where our hotel room will be. 

It is relaxing me just thinking about it!  Too bad I don't leave for another two weeks.  🙁  But maybe I can cheer myself by gloating about it constantly.  No? 


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  1. Jeff says:

    Where are you staying? Me and my wife spent our honeymoon at the Sheraton Kauai on Poipu Beach there. Aboslutely perfect. I love that island because it’s the most tropical, most geographically diverse, least developed, and most importantly, least "touristy."

    Take a sailing cruise up the Na’pali coast if you never have.

  2. If you can afford it, the Princeville is very nice.

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