Late to the Fight

This story comes in answer to a challenge today to explain why trades via mail should be sent quickly.  If you are not a collector of miniature wargame figures or an avid player of roleplaying games then you might miss some of the humor.  Well, most of it.  Okay, it won't make any sense to you at all.  Please, just click on the link to help rack up my monthly totals.  There are prizes at stake!

Late to the Fight

Paellon, city on the sea, they called it on the map. Mialee had never been this deep into the south lands, neither had Regdar. The city was a sight to behold, huge spires reaching into the sky, a massive port wall and a deep harbor full of merchant ships, and it would have been an awe inspiring one had it not been scorched and burnt, the walls crumbling, a tower of black smoke rising from its heart, and only the floating remains of derelict ships to greet them.

“I hate arriving late,” Mialee shouted against the wind, swinging her fist in the air.


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