First rule of Fan Club

Okay folks, after a lot of requests from the readers I've decided to go ahead and kick off the offiicial Wayward Fan Club.  No, you don't need to buy anything or send me money.  At least, not according to the new WFC by-laws.  Members of the WFC will receive weekly updates to blogs material, fiction and a variety of other nonsense that I choose to create in my own spare time.  Registered members will identify themselves using the new WFC id number, which for the internet savvy is in the form of a URI.  To use this identification number, please copy and paste the 'code' into the WFC browser application and hit enter.  This application will allow you access to all private WFC content.  Note, there is nothing you need to obtain or purchase.  You already have this application.  It was bundled into the latest version of your operating system.  Whether that's illegal or not is a topic that can be discussed using the new WFC content feedback feature.  To use this feature, click on the appropriate tab in said application and enter your name and comment.

To register to become a member of the WFC, send feedback to this post including your name, pseudonym, IRC handle, project codename, and your super-hero identity.  Please identify clearly which is which, as I especially do not want to waste all my super-villian time tracking down false leads.

But I digress


Comments (1)

  1. DarthPedro says:

    I thought the first rule of Fan Club is nobody talks about Fan Club…

    Oh wait, that was a different club. 🙂

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