Second Best

There is actually more to life than writing code.  Some of us even have hobbies.  It is certainly strange to take on a sport like scuba diving in Seattle, where the water is always dark and cold.  It's even stranger to discover an abundance of like-minded computer-geeks doing the same thing.  If you've never done it and thought you might like to give it a try, I encourage you to do so.  It is easy to do and very safe.  Of course, even with safe sports there are always certain dangers.  So it is better to be prepared than to be blindsided by nature. 

Find out just how bad it all can go wrong.  Read the story about the second best dive in the whole world!


Dodger was an old sea-dog, as all dive shop proprietors are, with a history in the Navy and a half fading memory of a lifetime of stories about the open sea and the dangers below it. If a customer was not particularly wary about the way Dodger lured him into a conversation, he would soon find himself caught standing for hours by the side of the register listening to tales of sharks, barracuda or some horrific moray eel that was soon subdued or out-smarted by the bravery and cunning of that very same Dodger we all thought of as a simple white haired curmudgeon. 


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