Quaking in my boots

first half of 10.5 last night.  I'm not going to start ranting over how much they got 'technically wrong.'  The only reason I watched the thing was to see what they got wrong.  I did not even know anything about the show, or even that is was being aired.  (Remember tivo, no commercials, I never know when anything is on any of the standard networks unless I really really need to know.)  Anyway, we did hear a lot of second (third-and fourth hand) hubbub over flaws in the production, storyline, plot, you name it.  So I recorded it!  For you marketters out there, word-of-mouth is the great new medium!  Any publicity is good publicity, and all that crud.  Anyway, it suckered me in! 

To tell you the truth, I didn't mind any of the 'flaws' one bit.  It's a fictional story for goodness sake!  Actions are designed to move the plot forward, not to recreate the chaos of a real disaster. 

However, there was that one thing.  That openning crevase 'chasing' the train.  That was pretty silly. Instead of suspense, it made me giggle like a school girl.  AND then as soon as the train falls in, it stops! 

I have to admit, at least it was 1000% better than that dragon movie!



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  1. The Younger Brother says:

    I too was suckered into watching this movie. Not from word of mouth, but from commericals as I’ve yet to install that TiVo. Perhaps this is as good of an excuse as any to go get one.

    Hey it’s a made for TV show during sweeps week what do you expect?

    The only thing that really irked me was the fact they made the Space Needle out to be made of concrete. Anyone who has ever been to the Space Needle knows the entire external skeleton is made of steel. So the cracks going up the support pillars and the concrete buckling causing it to fall over was just a tad make-believe.

    I truly wonder what kind of legal wavers they had to get signed to air that show? I would imagine the owner of the Space Needle could take great issue of someone blatently misleading the public into thinking the Space Needle was not safe. I mean after all Doctor Evil has a reputation to uphold.

    Also, what was up with this dude at the beginning on a mountain bike? Their is a 7.2 magnitude earth quake going on around him and he’s just riding along like it is par for the course. How realistic is that? He would have been knocked to the ground the moment the ground started to shake. I won’t even go into him out running the Space Needle falling; ha yet sure.

    The second half is airing tonight. I can’t hardly wait! I have to remember to stop and get some more microwave popcorn on the way home from work.

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