Uncensored, Unabridged and Unreal

I would like to take a moment and say to everyone that the persons depicted in my story Hard Reboot were fictional, and all similarities to persons living and dead are purely coincidental.  If you believe certain individuals have been defamed, derided or so much as belittled by association with the story then you may express your opinion by sending a letter to firethatsucker@hotmail.com.  If you feel otherwise please send a supportive note to noharmnofoul@hotmail.com.  I would greatly appreciate it.


If you find that my posts are lagging and continue to lag over the next few days or weeks, it is not that I have been fired, gagged or forced to attend a workshop on corporate online etiquette.  It is most certainly that I am working on a new piece of fiction for your digital consumption at some time in the near future.  If you find that future posts and stories lack a certain je ne c’est qoi, refer to all persons using the term ‘that guy’ and ‘the other fellow’, have only six adjectives chosen from the list of acceptable FCC broadcast terminology, the please take note that these changes are due to my own personal tastes and beliefs and are not a by-product of some content regulation or censorship on the part of any corporate entity related to myself, my family or my son's pediatrician.


No on with the show.


But I digress



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  1. Androidi says:

    There’s room for everything, personally I like most the entrys which mix fact and fiction with a drop of weird humor.

    BTW. I guess you have no idea what could cause my only 16 bit app rather randomly start doing "The Win 16 Sybsystem has insufficient resources to continue running.." .. until the machine is restarted. No amount of googling brought any good solutions to this.

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