Snig the Email Goblin

Snig is staring down at me from atop the secondary monitor.  That’s the monitor that shows all that other stuff that I am not focused on at the moment.  It might be just outlook showing my current email, or a terminal server session into a build machine.  I like to use terminal server this way, so I maintain one continuous large desktop with windows into my work that I can drag around out of my peripheral vision if need be.  I leave Snig up there to tend to all the things I don’t have time to at the moment because I’m knee deep, slogging through the overgrowth of leafy algorithms and prickly logic. 


I let him hack at my email with his battle axe.  If I don’t reply to your mail, it’s probably because Snig got a whack at it.  He’s been doing a lot of whacking lately at mail coming in from the blog site. Apparently there is another Matt out there that is given away free hosting.  More power to him, but that’s not me and so no I can’t get anyone hosting; in case you were wondering.


So far, Snig's better at canning spam than any software.  The only problem I have now is determining what to feed him.



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