Orwellian Mood Orbs

So much for the mood ring.  Now scientists (and technologist) have tapped directly into the power of the mind that affects moods.  It has been known for years that certain visual stimulus can alter moods in people.  For example, some people become depressed in the winter, especially here in the Pacific Northwest where it is cloudy most days.  These same people turn bright and chipper whenever the sun peeks out.  Now we can focus this style of mood altering energy into a product.  The new mood orb does this for you.  Unlike the mood ring, the mood orb does not change color to indicate your current mood.  It changes color to indicate the mood you should have! 


Comments (1)

  1. Philip Wheat says:

    A mistake in the MSN link – it isn’t plastic, it’s blown glass. I know this because one of my coworkers bounced mine off of the desk the first day I got it. 🙁

    Anyway – it’s actually pretty useful. I use mine in demos for Sharepoint – I’ve got a data feed that changes the orb color when documents are outstanding for their approval. There’s a 20 minute or so latency in the udpates, but it’s a very nice way of showing people how they can get their information without having to be tied to a video screen.

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