This little meme had roast beef

What’s this book-meme thing?  That’s just got to be the stupidest thing I’ve seen to date.  What are we trying to prove here, that nobody is original anymore? Let’s all follow the leader like a bunch of lemmings racing toward the cliff. Quick, you can do it too.  Get the nearest book to you.  Nearest to me?  Books?  Paper?  I don’t think I have any thing like that right here.  Let me see how far I have to go.  Well, there’s paper for the printer that has been sitting there for a few years, fading to yellow.  Nothing written on that so I don’t think it counts.  A little manual for a remote control?  Nope, doesn’t even have 23 pages.  What’s under that?  A manual for a music player.  Still too small.  I guess I’ll have to get up and roam around the room.  This is really starting to bug me.  Aha, something thick enough and has lots of words.  I guess this counts.  Fifth sentence.  Does the first sentence count if it’s a continuation from the prior page?  I guess so.  Here it is.


“Detailed statistics for a few important leaders are also given, and even a map in the case of the blah blah (see below), but many are simply sketched out briefly.”


Here’s a better meme.  Figure out what book that is from!  I’ll give a prize to the first one that does.  Of course the ‘blah blah’ is hiding a key pair of words that would give it away.  Think you are up for the challenge?



Comments (8)

  1. Matt Warren says:

    Dagnabit, I was suckered in to doing it too!

  2. I think the meme is actually entertaining for normal people. Once it hits the geek world, the entertainment value is out the window because the closest book to us is something FAR from entertaining and the 23rd page is not far enough in to be worth sharing.

    I actually grabbed the nearest book and read the sentence but it wasn’t worth posting. Unfortunately, many people didn’t mind that their sentence wasn’t worth posting…

  3. RichB says:

    Sounds a bit like catch 22

  4. Matt Warren says:

    Clue: it is not a computer/technical book.

  5. David Goldstein says:

    Er, it’s either from "Envisioning Information" or "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information" both by Tufte.

    Did I get it?

    Do I win?



  6. Gah, of course "Detailed statistics for a few important leaders" turns up only this page on google…

    But my guess is: the rulebook for some strategy game.


    Interesting quizz in any case.



  7. Matt says:

    Nope, not a rulebook for a ‘strategy’ game.

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