The long haul

Whew.  For a minute there I thought I was completely out of posts.  I had been stretching it a bit thin lately, scrapping the bottom of the barrel, sort of like squeezing out that last bit of toothpaste when you’ve been out for weeks and have been searching all over the house and finally found a tiny tube from last year’s vacation and even it barely registered anything at all.  But last night I managed to pull a rabbit of the hat and produced a post worthy of my best.  The experience has left me invigorated, renewed.  There are ideas shooting all around my head.  I figure I’ve got a few more in me, at least ten, so that ought to carry me for the rest of the month.


Of course, that’s not it is it?  End of the month, what does that mean?  You’d think that was my goal.  Yep, post for a month, claim my fog gun, and get out of the biz.  I wish it were that a simple.  Once you start, you just can’t stop cold turkey.  You have plod onward, eek out a few posts here and there, and then slowly, over time, fade out into obscurity.  That’s how it is done, actually.  Do you member all those hot bloggers from last year?  Any of them?  Sure some are still around, but do they post more than once a month?  They are not really a factor anymore, not really in the game.  They probably forget their site is still there, until they meet someone that remembers. “Hey, I read your blog once, you still doing that?”  And then they get embarrassed.  “Yah, a little, but I don’t have the time much anymore.”  After this goes on for a while, they get all bitter.  “Anyone can blog for a month or two, even a year, and then you get tapped out.”  I’ve seen folks like this, all hunched over, the guilt eating away at them.


I vow to not let this happen to me.  I shall persist.  I have the stamina.  I’m in it for the long haul.  Even if I don’t have any good ideas, even if I don’t have anything useful to say, I will still post, and keep on posting until the world sickens of my incoherent drivel.  One day, I will pass beyond my mere mortal self and become one with the machine and the network.  I will transform from flesh into pure thought and blend into the mesh of the blogosphere. 


I will become meme.



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  1. Dave Burke says:

    Thought you were "completely out of posts." Funny! Your "rabbit out of a hat" post was quite remarkable. I’ll read it in stages cause I can’t take in too much literature at one sitting.

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