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Not a blog in a long time.  I don’t know what came over me.  There’s a little bit of chaos in my life right now.  The inside of the house is being painted, so Betsy, Charlie and I have been living basically out of one room in the house.  That just so happens to be the same room with the PC, so there has not been any late night coding or rumor mongering going on.


AND at work, it’s gotten a little crazy for me too.  Not in the life upheaval sort of way that four painters, three ladders and fifteen cartons, twenty two paint cans and a mile of canvas tape and plastic sheeting can do to you.  It’s just that the code has gotten good; real good.  I’ve got too many directions to go and not enough fingers in the day to type up all that goodness.


Some days you get stuck and you end up doing more thinking than anything else.  On those days it’s easy to take a break and punch out a few paragraphs of pondering for the internet elite.  But all this week I’ve been reluctant to do anything but spit out for-loops and conditionals.  I think my F10 finger is getting sore from too much debugging.  I tried to go web-surfing and it started to hurt whenever I clicked.  Maybe it’s some typing related malady, or maybe it just hungers for more code.


I’m sure you think you’ve caught me in a big-fat lie, because obviously I’m typing a post right now.  Nothing of what I’ve said could possibly be true because that would make this moment of epiphanies evidence of its untruth.  But, alas, (and I always wanted to use ‘alas’ in a post) it is merely a small window of opportunity that I’ve found, sitting here at my desk before I’ve had my first morning drink, before I’ve tidied up a little and prepared myself for what lies ahead.  The truth is I haven’t opened the source editor yet, so my mind has not been sucked back into the vortex.  I hear it calling me, but I force myself to type this instead.  It is painful what I do for my people, but if this sacrifice of mine can fuel the flame for just one other developer out there to rise up to the challenge of his (or her) day than I say ‘so be it.’ 


Uh, I really need that drink.



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  1. Andreas Häber says:

    Thanks for the sacrifice and happy coding! 🙂

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