I blog therefore I am

Sometimes when I’m not deep in contemplation over the functioning of my brain, my addiction to coding and the contents of the soda coolers here at work, I actually get real work done.  I know it is hard to believe, given all these posts.  You’d think that all I did all day was sit staring at an empty document inside Word, waiting for inspiration to strike, my fingers twitching in dire anticipation, the caffeine percolating in my veins. But it is not so. Sometimes you may actually find me plastered in front of actual code, with my digits alive in aerobic rhythm, strumming along the keyboard, tapping out line after line of executable idioms.


On these occasions I have no time to contemplate sophomoric prattle, opinions and positions on high-brow matters; life, technology and the latest trends in coding fashion.  Heated debates on systems and semantics, patterns, protocols and programming piety, these concern me not, for I am too deep in linguistic harmony, polishing the threads of coherency that form the structure of a masterpiece soon to be unleashed upon the world.


But there are other times, more often that I like to admit, that I ruminate the big questions and contemplate the navels of a slew of ripe conundrums.  This usually happens after I have waded through pages of ill-gotten sources, stepping lightly down tracks of less than perfect thoughts, as I debug the masterpiece that would be much more and currently is not. These are the times that my mind makes its wishing, rubbing the lamps of a thousand genies in a futile gesture to solve what I cannot.  Because I am stuck, the code all knotted, the logic rife with ruffled edges, unfounded and undeniably broken.  Hours of no progress and I start to concede that my vision is blurred, the details too distant.  That’s when I recoil from my dangerous proximity and step out of the tangled web.


Outside, the air is clear and intoxicating.  Without effort, I can see for miles, the horizon a sharp divisor between the ethereal and mundane.  It’s easy to ignore the roads, the fields, the stone walls and edifices in favor of the nimbus and cumulous, the stratosphere and stars.  No longer dwelling on the practical, I become confident in my belief that the clouds have become castles and my zigzagging bolts of insight can lash down upon the world and strike fear in the hearts of mere mortal men.


I blog therefore I am.




Comments (2)

  1. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blogs, the technical as well as the more, well, spiritual. 🙂

    Few technical bloggers are actually BAD at writing, even those for whom English is not a native tongue. But even fewer take the time to add more to their blogs than just technical know-how.

    It’s like reading an technically-updated appendix to Douglas Coupland’s Microserfs, which is one of my favorite all-time books.

    I’m curious, actually, as to how well-known it is among Microsoft developers, and what the attitude towards it is.

    Blog on.

  2. Nabzz says:

    hey i googled up the blogs having the same address as mine and i found your site, among others… hit my blog sometime…cheers!

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