Asteroid on collision course

Anyone can see it now with a pair of good binoculars.  The asteroid known as 2004 FH has passed within the orbit of the moon.  Scientists are skeptical that it will actually impact either the earth or the moon, but after considerable observation they know now that 2004 FH is just a warning, a harbinger of things to come.


“I suppose it was inevitable,” spoke Dr. Ellen North of NASA/JPL.  “I don’t think it was meant to hit us, but it will pass closer to Earth than ever recorded before.  At approximately 5:04 ET today, the asteroid will be visible even to the naked eye for viewers in the South Atlantic.  By the six o’clock news, everyone will know.”


The truth is that the asteroid has not passed this close to Earth by accident.  No one is quite sure, but there is something at work in the cosmos that neither you nor I can explain.  I found a scattering of references to what might be the truth by scouring the web through google.  It’s a darn shame that the Media is not responsible enough to trust the public with the news.  Most of the information now is coming from bloggers.  Those with powerful enough telescopes already know something is up.  I’ve been able to piece together the rest.


Apparently, there were scores of other incidents just like this over the last couple of decades.  The earliest ones were generally ignored by everyone, but when we finally got a good look at one through Hubble, something changed.  The response that the public got was the same; we heard nothing.  Yet, if you research it you find the trail stops dead there.  It’s only more recently, some time around the mid-nineties that information starts showing up again in Usenet threads and on private web sites; sources easy to discount.


Amateur astronomers have been recording this stuff.  Those with photo-synched reflectors have even taken snaps that show the truth.  You have to image-process the stuff a bit to see it because they are not high enough res, but if you do you can generally make out the images.  And it’s not until you put a few of these together that you start to see the message.


Apparently, who ever is sending these rocks our way is trying to tell us something.  These are real aliens, folks.  And they are talking to us in English.  There are words on those asteroids strewn out over the surface, hundreds of feet wide.  They want us to read it, but I doubt the message can be any plainer than a note tied to a brick crashing through a plate glass window.


It’s not hard to believe that they’ve mastered our language.  We’ve been broadcasting non-stop into they sky since the forties, and most of that is in English.  In the radio-spectrum, our little planet is the brightest object in the heavens, brighter than any star.  They’ve obviously figured it out and are sending us a reply.


The only confusing part is that the messages seem meaningless.  So far no one has been able to understand what they are trying to say.  Perhaps, in the end, they are just parroting our language, giving back to us what we’ve been sending out to them.  Perhaps, their minds function so differently that these messages make some sort of weird alien sense.  Perhaps, they are leaving us a clue, a puzzle for us to decipher.


The messages that have been the clearest so far have been, “Why am I getting this?” and “Please take me off this list.”  We’ve been bombarded with messages like this for nearly twenty years, and have not been able to make any headway in understanding them.  Other messages have been more prevalent, “stop replying all” and the ever frequent “me too.”


Fortunately, these messages have been pretty harmless, but if this keeps up, the predominantly open space of our solar system may just fill up with these dangerous orbiting rocks.  Most scientists and astronomers agree that hundreds of thousands of near earth orbit objects may exist that have not yet been detected by our telescopes. 


I’m just afraid that we’ve been missing it.  The aliens must have grown frustrated with our inability to communicate back to them.  The latest message written over 2004 FH is a bit dire.   The scary thing is that it is written all in caps.  You will be able to see it on the news tonight. “All your base are belong to us,” it says.  Could this be the prelude to invasion?


But I digress




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  1. bilbo says:

    Thanks Art Bell!

  2. Androidi says:

    Have been playing The Dig a bit too much, have you?

  3. Matt says:

    You know, I did play the dig before! 🙂

  4. Scott Allen says:

    I wonder if this could turn into something from a Heinlein novel? If it does – I hope it is more like the original work and not some hollywood interpretation with Doogie Howser.

  5. The Younger Brother says:

    It makes you wonder what the dinosaurs did to make them mad…

  6. Matt Warren says:

    If you actually examine the history of the universe, you’d see this pattern recur over and over again. Life begins alone in a remote corner of a galaxy. It advances over the eons until it forms a crude from of intelligence, then it leaps forward into modern thinking creatures that strive to understand their world and their place in it. They start to tinker with their environment, building, creating, inventing. But no matter what they do, they still can’t escape the wonder, whether life exists somewhere else. So they start broadcasting into the sky, seeking an answer.

    Of course, everyone else sees this as spam, and is none to pleased. So they either get slapped down by the man, or swamped by innumberable replies, a galatic DOS attack!

  7. The Younger Brother says:

    Well so much from him. I’m glad I wasn’t on that side of the pla…

  8. Matt Warren says:

    Naw, I think he was just distracted by the naked asteriod.

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