Drugged out and full of bliss

I've got a new drug.  I'm not sure how long its going to last.  Thanks to all the feedback from my prior post.  I got a lot of ideas from everyone who replied, and I acted on one of them.  I purchase the Harmony SST-659 universal remote.  It is programmed via an online wizard from a large database of known devices, so it was relatively easy to set up.  The best part is, now my TV monstrosity has been turned into a one click-on device!  Betsy thinks its the best improvement to the TV room since the TiVo was hooked up, and I agree.  All the other remote are packed away.  Now there's finally room on the ottoman for my feet!


Comments (3)

  1. mikeu says:

    But can you smoke it? …

  2. Mark M (aka Huey L) says:

    For the sake of brevity (and persuasion) I wasn’t entirely honest when I said I’ve consildated to a single remote in my previous pimping of the Harmony remote…

    I keep both the Harmony & the Tivo remote on my coffee table. With the exception of a mouse, Tivo’s remote is as close to an autonomical device as I’ve ever experienced.

  3. Matt says:

    Yes, It’s not laid out ideally. First of all, anyone with a TiVo probably rarely uses the actual number-pad, yet is aways using the VCR controls. Unfortunately, the number pad is in the optimal position and the VCR controls are way down to the bottom making them difficult to use without using two hands. Still, you can just have the one remote and that is currently valuable enough to work around the remote’s rough edges. The fact that I can hit one button and be ready to go is amazing. Even better is that I can hit one button and everything that matters turns off.

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