Static Variables

I was feeling rather static today.  Maybe its a cold coming on.  Colds sometimes give me tunnel vision, or at least it feels that way, like I'm trapped inside my own head, my body controlled by remote.  Somehow I'm both the controller and the controlled.  It's at time like these where I really start to think about the separation between mind and body.  I start wanting to make references to the Matrix, but know that I should not.  Maybe I am just really a program and all of reality just a simulation.  It might be so. SLAP.  Philosophers and aging gurus on mountain tops would have me question thus.  But if it were true, I just hope I'm not a character in an online version of the Sims.  I mean, get a grip.  But then again, what's so different? The graphics? Certainly in a few years even online games will have graphics comparable to near reality.  Maybe its the roles and relationships.  But  I've got the house and the job, the wife and the kid.  I'm following the plan. Certainly, life could just be a program, one with lots of loops because I seem to get stuck going in circles a lot.  I really think that if reality is a program then its probably one of those really old C programs with tons of static variables, those non-rentrant kinds, the ones that used to give me the willies. I'd liken it to a basic program, but heck, c programmers should have known better.  Use the heap, Luke.

And that's really not far from the mark.  Maybe there is this force out there that underlies all reality, that a fabled few with the right mitochondria migth just be able to wield in order to reshape time and space.  I'm talking about a power that can refactor the universe.  That would be amazing.  But what would it do to us?  Would we be reshuffled around the planet?  All I know is that there would be a lot more doors. Would my bed end up in a room all its own because I visit it so often?  My PC at work, that and the new couch, in an office by itself?  Wait a minute.  Something seems amiss. My bed is in its own room and so is my stuff at work.  My television has its own room and with a door, already.  The things I do and use most often, have their own places, and they are easily accessible, easily re-entrant.  Perhaps, this force has existed all along.  Perhaps, it has already refactored my life.  AND yours. 

But what if  the universe has already aligned to its optimum, and there's nothing much left to do?  Maybe that's why I feel so static.  I'd better tell my wife to cancel the meeting with the decorators, because this is it, baby!  Maybe this is truly what it feels to be aligned with the universe, in tune with nature; distant and remote.

But then again, there's always the redundant pairs of socks at the bottom of my dresser drawer. Let's hope those don't get refactored down to one.

But I digress



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  1. Addy Santo says:


    Whatever you are smoking – I want some 😉

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