Why does Windows Always Want To Hide Things From Me?

Over the years, I find more and more of the Windows UI is designed to hide things like where the files are coming from, file extensions, etc... from me. Why is this?  I want to see this stuff. 

For example, why can't I get the full path to a file easily?  I have to open Run box, then drag and drop file into the Run box, then select file name, then copy it, then go paste it where I need it.   I've probably done this a million times in my life.

I found in Vista recently that drag+drop to a console window no longer works, I was heart broken, this saves me tons of time.  But I found a cool feature in Vista that makes up for it.

Hold down shift key and right-click on file and you will see a few new options on the menu bar.  See the Copy as Path below, this is the one you want.  Saves you having to pop the Run menu, very nice!


Hey, I was excited. 🙂

I found on Vista that whenever I had a networking problem, the Vista UI was trying very hard to hide all networking information from me.  The best it can muster is this insult to my networking abilities:


Why? This is all you have for me Vista, I ask?  I want to see random Matrix like diagnostic spew and perl scripts scrolling across the screen like in the Hollywood movies.  This will tell me Vista is doing something purposeful.  Maybe next version.

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  1. Steve says:

    I know this is an old article, but Windows 7 continues the game of "Hide the Path".  Microsoft goes to great lengths to prevent you from finding the path of files within Windows Explorer and it's very annoying.  For example, if you use the search feature you'll be presented with a list of matches (if it doesn't screw up like it often does).  The path will be shown there, but good luck actually getting Explorer to open up that folder and display the entire heirarchy.

    The reason I'm doing this is because I can't copy folders since I'm breaking the 260 character filename and path length limit.  I can't track down what's exceeding the limit and I can't track down why we even have this 1980s limitation anyway!

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