SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence (SSDT BI) for SQL Server 2014 CTP1

In this pre-release version of SQL Server 2014, SSDT BI is no longer included in setup. For SQL Server 2014 CTP1 no new version of SSDT BI been released, however you can use the existing version of SSDT BI to create and deploy projects for SQL Server 2014 CTP1.

The Visual Studio 2012 version of SSDT BI can be download from Microsoft Download Center. This same link is also provided in the Tools section of SQL Server 2014 CTP1 setup.

Please note the following while installing SSDT BI:

· SSDT BI cannot be installed on the same machine as SQL Server 2014 CTP1.

· To deploy to a SQL Server 2014 CTP1 Server, install SSDT-BI on different machine.

Comments (9)

  1. I installed SSDTBI just fine on the same virtual machine as SQL Server 2014 CTP1.

  2. Roger says:

    Unfortunately the version of SSDT BI can not connect to SQL Server 2014 CTP1. So it is a bit looking at all the new stuff but you can not use them. And that is a shame.

  3. Manoj says:


    I have SQL 2014 CTP1 installed on new VM environment. Then, on another new VM I have installed SSDT BI (downloaded from  http://www.microsoft.com/…/details.aspx).

    From that SSDT BI, in new SSIS package, I tried new connection manager pointing to SQL 2014 CTP1 instance But  it's not connecting. I tried it with SQL Server native client 11.0.

    Checked firewall, TCP/IP port, SQL browser service etc. I am not sure if I missed anything. Could you pl help.

    Thank you,


  4. rajib says:

    inclined to assume same recommendation for CTP2

  5. alsamflux says:

    Looks like VS 2013 can't deploy to 2014.

  6. nojetlag says:

    Why are you guys making this stuff such a big mess, SSDT, SSDT-BI, once is part of VS once is part of SQL Server. Compatibility issues here and there. What is the roadmap for these products ?

    Please be aware that there are people out there that use this stuff in enterprise productive environments and hence a consistent transparent approach and update path would be very much appreciated.

  7. Ben C says:

    I agree with nojetlag, this is a total mess. All I want to do is use our enterprise version of Visual Studio (2013) with our enterprise version of SQL Server (2012) but I can't do this. Why are you releasing tools for 2014 when you haven't finished the ones for 2012? The installers are terrible — I get error messages in Visual Studio 2012 because of conflicting DLLs in the GAC (IsVisualStudio2012ProInstalled() method not found) but I can't uninstall the tools because of some strange was that the x86 installer works on the instance.

    I wasted hours (days actually) trying to reinstall Visual Studio 2012 and SQL Server 2012 trying to get it all to work.

    Total mess!!!

  8. SSDT-BI. Supported versions? says:

    I have VS 2013 with SSDT-BI. Can I deploy a integration services project to SQL 2008 R2?

    Where is this documented?

  9. SQLWiz says:

    Yes, i agree with  nojetlag, Microsoft has made a total mess of VS SSDT & SQL 2014. Tons of metadata issues with SSIS Designer.

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