What Topics Would You Like to See at SQL PASS 2012?

Hello everyone! The PASS Summit Call for Speakers is open until May 13th, and we’re looking for ideas. What SSIS topics would you like to see presented by the SSIS team this year? Here are some ideas that we’ve been tossing around….

  • SSIS performance
  • Using SSIS with Azure/SQL Azure
  • CDC in 2012
  • Upcoming improvements
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Designing highly available SSIS solutions

Do you have any other ideas?

Comments (8)

  1. ArthurZ says:

    Please consider:

    1) Migrating to SSIS 2012 (from DTS, SSIS 2005)

    2) The SSIS catalog – complete overview

    3) Creating custom SSIS reports (for troubleshooting, performance/load analysis, benchmarking/baseline or stats)

    4) Data encryption (that is in transit), e.g. use of certificates

    5) Custom SSIS components development (especially with GUI)

    6) Controlling packages remotely w/ or w/o PowerShell

  2. Victor Little says:

    Data Quality Services.

  3. Lee Everest says:

    Tim Mitchell is doing a few presentations already on DQS.

    How about API stuff?

  4. Lee Everest says:

    Matt: Speaking of…when can we expect the SSIS 2012 Technical Reference pages in BOL?


  5. The 2012 BOL content has been there since RTM…


    Is something missing?

  6. Lee Everest says:

    Apologies. I was looking for the 'other versions' dropdown to read "SQL Server 2012".

  7. Hi Lee,

    We are in the process of resolving this problem about the missing links for 2012 topics, in the Other Versions drop-down list. Please note that this issue is being worked on only for the MSDN Lightweight view. The Classic view is deprecated.


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