Bulk Loading Data to Oracle

In SQL Server 2005, and the non-Enterprise editions of SQL 2008/SQL 2008 R2, SSIS doesn’t provide an out-of-the-box option for bulk loading Oracle data. Instead, SSIS components implement single row inserts to load data to Oracle.  This can result in issues such as long load times and timeout during the ETL process. This article on MSDN provides…


CDC for Oracle in SQL Server 2012

One of the new features introduced in SQL Server 2012 is the ability to use SQL Server CDC for tracking changes on an Oracle table. In the following post you will understand how to setup such a service for tracking changes on your Oracle tables. Configuring your Oracle server Before creating the service, you must…

SSIS Catalog – Backup and Restore

Integration Services catalog (SSISDB) uses the encryption mechanism available in SQL Server to protect its sensitive data. So backup and restore of SSIS catalog across machines need some extra steps in addition to the usual backup and restore steps. This post describes all the steps involved in backup and restore of SSIS catalog. Backup 1….

SSIS Catalog Access Control Tips

SSIS 2012 introduces significant improvements in how SSIS packages are deployed, configured and managed in a centralized SSIS catalog. The SSIS catalog corresponds to a user database, called SSISDB. You can secure the SSIS objects in the SSIS catalog (folders, projects, environments, operations/executions) using a combination of SQL security and security capabilities provided by SSIS….


Changing Variable Scope and other Enhancements

In SQL Server 2012, SSIS includes some very useful enhancements to package variables. You can now change the scope of an existing package variable. Just select the variable in the Variables window and click the new Move Variable icon. Then, in the Select New Scope dialog box, select the package, or a package container, task, or event…


SQL 2012 Connectors for Oracle & Teradata Coming Soon

An updated version of the Attunity Connectors for Oracle & Teradata are not yet available on the Microsoft.com download center, but will be up there soon. The plan is to have these connectors available in Q1 of this year. The basic functionality will remain the same, with some minor updates: Support for SQL Server 2012…