EzAPI Updated for SQL Server 2012

The EzAPI project has been updated for the SQL Server 2012 release. You can find the updated source code here.


  • Task and Component IDs updated for SQL 2012
    • For 2005/2008 support, please use a previous version of the code
  • Project upgraded to .NET 4
  • EzProject – SSIS 2012 Project object model support
  • Project Connection Manager support
  • EzScript – Script Task support
  • EzSrcDestMultiStreamPackage – new package template
  • EzLookup – new TreatDuplicateKeysAsError property
  • EzFileSystemTask – fixed multiple properties
  • EzActiveXScript – Removed as it is no longer supported in SQL 2012
Comments (4)

  1. Tim Van Wassenhove says:

    Talking about ComponentIDs…

    Is it safe to assume that when using "DTSTransform.Lookup" the user will always get a DTSTransform.Lookup.2 when using ManagedDTS (v10) and DTSTransform.Lookup.3 when using ManagedDTS (v11), or is it pure coincidence? (iterating over the pipelinecomponentinfos i get different creationnames, not sure how i could build an application that supports both versions (using assembly redirection))

  2. drapsag says:

    Where can I find the new DLL or MSI file?

  3. nbi says:

    Hi, any update on new Expression Task introduced in 2012. Is there any EzExpression kind of task in EzAPI? Thanks

  4. Vamsidhar Kavi says:

    Could any one please let me know where can I find the msi or dll file for SQL 2012.

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