The Balanced Data Distributor

Today’s post isn’t specifically about SQL Server Denali, but still a worthy addition to the 30 Days of SSIS series. The Balanced Data Distributor is a new data flow component created by the SQLCAT team, and available for download from Carla Sabotta and Debarchan Sarkar have put together a training video for it, which is now available on technet:

In this video about the new Balanced Data Distributor (BDD) transformation, you’ll learn how to increase the throughput of the package Data Flow transformations by paralleling the Data Flow buffers to multiple outputs. The BDD transformation is designed to take advantage of the concurrent processing capability of modern CPUs.



Comments (4)

  1. This task should have added in denali. Nice featured task.

  2. Steve Rezhener says:

    Looks like this BDD component is compatible with SQL Server 2008 R1 SP2 & R2 only. Installation on SQL Server 2012 machine is not successful.

  3. Hi Steve – we're currently working on getting it updated for SQL 2012. Stay tuned!

  4. Manoj George says:

    Looking forward to use this component in denali.. any timelines as of now.

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