EzAPI – Update

I’ve just updated the Codeplex version of EzAPI – an alternative SSIS package creation API. If you missed the previous release, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Updates include :

  • Support for additional containers, tasks and components
  • Bug fixes from the team
  • Additional patches submitted by Codeplex users

List of additional containers, tasks & components supported in the new version of EzAPI:

  • Sequence container
  • For each loop container
  • Transfer database task
  • Execute process task
  • File system task
  • Execute SQL task
  • Excel source adapter
  • Excel destination adapter
  • Union all transform
  • Merge & Merge join transform
  • Conditional split transform
  • SCD transform

Major bug fixes and patches are in the following areas:

  • Reinitialization of component metadata
  • Setting UsageType of columns
  • Support for FastLoad option in OLE DB Destination
  • Flat file connection manager properties & column metadata
  • Mapping in Data Convert transform

Remember, you can also download the Source Code to the EzAPI project (as well as all of our samples on the codeplex project).


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