Avoiding Common Pitfalls in SSIS

I’ve uploaded the slides for the Chalk Talk I gave at TechEd last week. I always appreciate feedback (good or bad), and I’ve gotten some great comments so far. If you attended the session (or just like the slides), feel free to comment below.

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  1. I’ll be speaking at the Pacific Northwest SQL Server User Group meeting next Wednesday, June 10th. I’ll

  2. BI Monkey says:

    Thanks Matt, that’s a good set of slides on some SSIS basics, gets the concept of the pipeline and buffers across pretty well. I think I need to review my own SSIS Presentation now in light of how you presented things.

    I didn’t realise the SSIS Service wasn’t needed to execute packages so picked up something new as well!

    James @ BI Monkey

  3. linglo says:

    That’s a great set of slides.  I’m just getting started with SSIS but I’m a programmer with little BI knowledge.  One question I have – what do you mean by "If you’re a programmer like me, you might actually prefer creating your packages through code instead of using the designer"

    Does this mean you prefer to work outside of the SSIS environment or do you prefer to add a bunch of script objects?

  4. I meant that there are scenarios where people might prefer to generate packages programmatically instead of using the designer.

    If you are:

    – frequently updating your package logic

    – want to apply common (updatable) design patterns across your packages

    – dealing with dynamic metadata

    You might want to consider using the API directly… (which is a whole other set of slide decks/presentations!)

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