Samples for creating SSIS packages programmatically

This is an index post for the series of posts with examples on how to create packages programmatically. Creating and adding tasks to a control flow is pretty straightforward, but programmatically adding data flow components can be tricky due to the interaction with the native COM APIs. Each post will provide a simple scenario for using each component.

All samples are done using SQL Server 2008, but will also work with 2005 with minor code modifications.

I’ll continue to update this post as more samples are added. Please post in the comments if there are specific data flow components you’d like to see.





For an end to end solution, check out the Package Generation sample available on codeplex.

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Comments (6)

  1. Vimal Patel says:


    I need to develop Aggregate component programmatically. It would great If you post the code for Aggregate.



  2. Naveen says:


    I need to develop Data Conversion Component with data source as sqlserver and destination as Excel Sheet ,it will be helpful if u paste code for the same

  3. Renjith says:

    Hi can anyone tell me the hierarchy how we should create the package when we does programmatically and why to do in that order? Like Package –> ControlFlow –> DataFlow and so on.

  4. Angel Patel says:

    Please give and example for developing script component programmatically.

  5. Stefan says:


    I would like to add CDC Control Task programmatically  

    Can you point me in the right direction

    best regards


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