New SSIS community samples

Some new samples have been added to the SSIS community samples project on codeplex.

Delimited Flat File Reader

This data flow source component is capable of parsing delimited flat files, including files with rows that are missing columns.

Package Generation Sample

This standalone executable shows how to use the SSIS object model to do schema-based dynamic package generation. It works with SQL Server, Excel and Flat Files as source / destinations.

Hello World Task Sample

This is the sample that I previously blogged about. It’s a simple Hello World type task that shows how to extend the base task UI classes.

SharePoint List Adapters

This sample contains data flow source and destination components that demonstrate how to get data in and out of SharePoint lists. I’ve seen a lot of requests for this one!

Note, all of the samples are available as binaries, and as source. We’re going to continue adding to the list, so if you have any ideas of what you’d like to see, feel free to send them to me.

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  1. SSIS Junkie says:

    One of the biggest complaints about SSIS since it release in November 2005 has been its inability to

  2. While the Integration Services development team has been busy finishing the custom component and code

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