Competitive Comparison of SQL Server 2008 Integration Services

Did you know about this white paper comparing SSIS to IBM Information Server (DataStage), Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle Warehouse Builder, and Oracle Data Integrator? I had heard rumors of its existence, but I hadn’t actually seen the links for it until now.

I saw a lot of good points in there, but looking at the chart on page 2 (which I’ve included below), it seems to me that it may have a slight bias towards SSIS…


What do you think? Are white papers like this an effective way to get our message out there?

EDIT: The spell checker in Windows Live Writer suggests “overeater” for “PowerCenter” … I found that amusing.

Comments (2)

  1. says:

    What about how SSIS irritations compare?  

    1) The documentation our of SSIS is basically non-existance.  The most basic ETL process is a data mapping and you can only see it in the GUI.  What do the other tools provide?

    2) The performance of BIDS is much worse than using DTS – largely because of .Net.  How do the developer tools compare?

    3) The community around SSIS is good – but largely trying to provide fixes for features lacking from MS.  Things like CheckSum are third party.  How do other tools compare?

  2. Kevin Kline says:

    Kevin points out some good URLs to look at including a comparison of data pump toos to SSIS and new tool he’ll be writing about in the Tool Time column.

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