MVP Summit

The 2008 MVP Summit is coming up soon - April 14th to 17th. Last year was my first year with SSIS, and I really enjoyed meeting some of our MVPs. The summit is a great chance for us to talk to professionals out in the field, and get a deeper insight into how our product is being used.

They are currently putting together the schedule for the summit, and it looks like each product team has been allocated time to talk about Katmai and beyond. The actual subjects are left up to the team, so before anything is finalized I thought I'd ask my MVP blog readers what subjects they'd like to see. Feel free to post in the comments or email me directly (mmasson @ ms).

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  1. El Bruno says:

    I’ll be there for the first time 😀

    And 14th of April is my birthday, so … I got the perfect excuse to party and meet a lot of great people !!

    Best regards from Spain

  2. MatthewMCT says:

    I replied via email already, but I think it might be helpful if I posted the same ideas here too. Here we go:

    * Post-Katmai: What’s coming, and when we’re likely to see it.

    * Katmai highlights: What the SSIS team thinks are the sexiest highlights of the 2008 release, and why.

    * SSIS.NET API: Deep dive into automating complex package generation scenarios through the API.

    * Community opportunities: If you could pick one (or three, or five – however much we have time for) community project to extend or enhance SSIS, what would they be, and what features would you like them to have?

    * Stories and drinks: Humorous and/or insightful stories about the trials and tribulations of being on the SSIS team during a major release/ship push. I’ll buy the drinks. 😉

    Another potential answer is simply “what do you know that we do not know?” The things that are most valuable to me are the little tidbits that you and the other team members know because you wrote the code. Even if it isn’t in the most coherent “overview, content, summary” format that you would want for a public TechEd breakout session, it’s still invaluable. But of course, since I don’t know what those things are, I can’t really ask about them in detail.

    Thanks again, Matt!

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