MSDN Magasize has new article on TFS

Brian A. Randell has written an article titled Work Item Tracking which deals with programming the TFS object model to access work items. He shows the basics of how you can write your own custom work item client; presenting and editing work item data.


Using TFS with Client on Different Domain

Having read that Team Explorer connects to TFS using the windows identity of the currently logged in user I actually did not even try connecting to the customer TFS server, for some reason I thought it wouldn’t work. However, one day I did try. And it worked! When you connect to TFS it will try…


Customizing TFS Process Templates – Part 2: Process Template Name, Areas, Iterations and Standard Work Items

The second part of the TFS process template customization series talks about changing the name of the process template, customizing areas and iteration and finally how to control which standard work items that are always created when a project is created from the customized template. Update the GUID in version.txt But before you do anything…


Workspace Disabled and No Commands Available in Source Control Explorer

One of the developers in my project had a problem today when she wanted to sync files to her local machine and work there instead. She installed the TFS Client on her machine, configured server name etc. and then started Source Code Explorer. To our surprise she could not select a Workspace as the drow-down…


TFS Areas: An Update…

Once you write something down and publish it it’s not unusual that you immediately realize that you were only partly correct, this is what happened to me last week when I wrote about the definition of an Area in TFS. Just a few days later the project I work on started doing structured testing which resulted…


Customizing TFS Process Templates – Part 1: Basic structure

This post is the first in a three part series that will describe the basic steps to create your own process template. When working with TFS there is a fair chance that there are some part of the process templates that you either do not agree with or that you need to change in order…


New Year, New Posts

It’s almost two month since I last posted and the reason for this silence is the start of a new project which has had me completely absorbed. However, we are now on our way and things have settled down so I would like to share some of the experiences from this project with you all….


VSTS (and TFS) Resources

Andrew Coates has a post about VSTS Resource Guide for Developers and Architects, I particularly find the looong list of webcasts interesting.


Visual Studio 2005 Team System Basics Training

The Level 200 training that I wrote about earlier (see Ramping up on Team Foundation Server – Some Guidance) has now been released, you can download at I do recommend the labs to anyone who wants to learn about TFS (or VSTS), and you will also find PowerPoints to help you ramp-up your skills….


Team Foundation Server Projects on CodePlex

This is a list of all projects in CodePlex that is tagged for TFS. After a quick review of the list I think TFS Code Review Workflow looks interesting, not only for providing interesting funtionality but also because it shows the extent to which you can customize your process in TFS.