Validating XML Digital Signatures with References Using Unrecognized URI Prefixes

During the last few month I have been working on and off on a solution which implements security features for a larger project, part of this work has been to create a wrapper around the XML Digital Signature functionality of .NET Framework 2.0. I thought that I would share a solution to a problem related…


Lesson learned: Cannot unlock software certificate pincode from code

Due to a number of reasons we needed to ensure that the sender of a message, which we were going to sign, really knew the secret password/pincode to the certificate. The basic design of this is actually flawed but we could not change this as we only replace one component in a larger flow of information….


System.Security.Cryptography – Lots of new stuff in .NET 2.0

Recently I’ve been working in a BizTalk project where my main task has been to develop a module that is used to help signing and encrypting messages. I have then had the opportunity to dive a bit deeper into the functionality provided by the classes in System.Security.Cryptography. I have previously worked with some of the…