Alla Visual Studio templates försvann när Office 2010 TP installerades

Idag tänkte jag pröva en grej med hur jag kan använda RAW-filer från min kamera i en WPF applikation och startade därför Visual Studio 2008. Till min förvåning saknades i princip alla project templates, det enda som fanns kvar var BI templates för SQL Server 2008. En snabb nätsökning tipsade om att man skulle köra…


First IASA meeting in Stockholm

On Thuesday evening this week I went to the first IASA (International Association of Software Architects) meeting in Stockholm to see what it was all about. According to the woman managing registrations there were about 170 people attending the event, which I think was quite good for a first gathering. Today I talked to another…

My Experiences from Using Vista

    I have been a full time user of Windows Vista on my laptop since RC1 and I thought I would share what I like and what don’t like, the items are not presented in any particular order. What I like in Vista Snipping Tool, this is a tools which allows you to capture…

New Year, New Posts

It’s almost two month since I last posted and the reason for this silence is the start of a new project which has had me completely absorbed. However, we are now on our way and things have settled down so I would like to share some of the experiences from this project with you all….

Virtual Server on Vista (follow up)

Virtual PC Guy describes how you can use Virtual Server on Windows Vista without running IE “as administrator”. Even though there are many scenarios in which a developer has to approve elevation of priviledges for common developer tasks, it is always nice to have one less.


As I noted in a previous post SysInternals is now part of Microsoft, and the tools have finally been made available at TechNet. You can download them at My favorite tool is DebugView, I use it all the time and so should you!

Daylight Savings Time and Windows Mobile

One of the advantages of using a mobile phone running Windows Mobile is that you no longer need to be bothered with remembering to adjust the clock when daylight savings time changes. At 3AM this morning here in Sweden we put the clock back to 2AM, so last night my wife and I spent 15…

Installing Virtual Server on Vista RC1

I just installed Virtual Server 2005 R2 on my Vista machine, I’m running Windows Vista Ultimate RC1, to see if I can get a bit more performance than what I have on my laptop. I knew from the start that there would be problems but I was not really prepared for some of the things….