Accessing and Listing Message Context Properties in Pipeline Components

Stephen Kaufman has in a blog listed all message properties that you can access when you are in a pipeline component. I have recently needed to use some of these properties so I wrote the code below which lists all context properties. The call to ctx.Read is how you access the information in the property….


Details on Direct Bound Ports

I’m currently working on a post about how the BPM scenario show-cases versioning of business processes. As part of this I looked up Kevin Lam’s blog as I know that he has worked with the BizTalk Scenarios, particularly the BPM scenario. What I found was quite interesting! Kevin has written a number of detailed articles…

Store config-info in BizTalk SSO

Introduction I have started looking the Business Process Management (BPM) scenario and this time I will talk about its usage of BizTalk’s Single Sign-On (SSO) to store configuration information. The SSO is normally seen as something that is not directly used by applications (at least I do), it’s primary purpose to me is to be…


BizTalk Scenarios – Real-life samples in the box

One of the really cool new features of BizTalk Server 2006 is that it contains large sample scenarios that illustrate how BizTalk can be used to build solutions. These are fully working implementations that showcase how different parts of BizTalk can be used. When you open BizTalk Server Documentation these scenarios are listed on the…


New BizTalk content on MSDN and GotDotNet

The CSD Customer Experience Team’s Blog has annonced the following new downloads: BTS 2006: Transactional Adapter Whitepaper Published BizTalk Server 2006: New Scripts/Utilities Posted They have also launched a New BPM Site.


How/when BizTalk initializes variables used in Expression shape

I just learned something new the other day about how BizTalk initializes variables that is used in Expression shapes. I have always since my tests with BizTalk 2004 betas performed explicit new of variables that I have declared, i.e. I have called a constructor using new SomeType(). However, I just learned from a member of…

First post

There are lots of interesting stuff happening right now! Primarily I’m thinking about BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and .NET Framework 3.0 which was both announced last week. Therefore I felt that this was a great time start blogging, lots of news to keep the interest up (both for me and for any readers). BizTalk Server…