How to find south using the moon shadow

Did you know that you can find south by drawing a line across the shadow on the moon and then locate the point where the line intersects the ground. My beautiful illustration below hopefully makes it clear how this works. I read this in a Swedish historical magazine (Världens Historia) a few days ago but…


Selecting a user in a SharePoint form: Sample of using the PeopleEditor

I needed to select a user while building a form in SharePoint. I hadn’t done that before so I searched the web and looked in some books I have and found what I needed, almost… The samples I found didn’t quite work, when I moved the code into my own page and browsed to it…


SharePoint SP1 Planning och Deploying Guidelines

A whitepaper which gives all the details how you should plan and deploy Service Pack 1 for SharePoint has just been released. Download and read the document at Planning and Deploying Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 in a Multi-server Environment.


Long Running Business Processes in SharePoint (and other Environments)

I’d like to reiterate a topic which I have previously written about: Long Running Processes. It will be a general discussion which can be applied to any environment or system, but SharePoint will be used as an example. This post is a bit theoretical but I think the topic is worth discussing as you may…


Applications Pages in SharePoint – Getting Started

It’s been a while since I created an actual page in SharePoint that provided some actual functionality, i.e. not only content. As I’ve been working with workflows and information migration for the last six month I had trouble remembering the steps. I did not have any of my previous work available so I did what…


Download Links for Office System SP1 and SharePoint SDK Refresh

Here you’ll find direct links to downloads and KBs explaining the WSS and SharePoint Server 2007 SP1, the WSS and SharePoint Server SDK Refresh and also the Office Client Suite 2007 SP1. Enjoy! WSS and SharePoint Server SP1 WSS 3.0 SP1 MOSS/SharePoint 2007 SP1 KB936984: Description of the 2007 Microsoft Office Servers Service Pack 1…


Tracking/Auditing Events in a SharePoint Workflows

When building a solution using SharePoint and Workflow Foundation your requirements are sometimes that it should be possible track what everyone did and when it was done, in other cases you can forget all about the process once it has completed. Another name for this is that the system should support auditing. This discussion has…


Microsoft Search Server 2008 – Enterprise Search made easy

It was just announced that Microsoft will release a new product called Microsoft Search Server 2008, read the announcement on the Microsoft Enterprise Search Blog. There will be two flavours available, the Express and the full version. The Express version is free (!) and supports all functionality except that it is limited to a single-server…


Software + Services Making Sense

I’ve never dived into the details of our Software + Services strategy, lazily assuming it’s just another name for Software as a Service (SaaS), SOA, etc. But during a recent brown bag lunch I finally understood that Software + Services vision is a different thing from e.g. SaaS. Where SaaS see software as something virtualized…


SharePoint Indexing Limited by 64 kB ACL Limit

I want to share a problem I had a few month ago when we were indexing the the items in a SharePoint-based application. Initial problem When crawling one of the sites the engine stopped indexing and logged the error "The parameter is incorrect". Which parameter? Why is it incorrect? Analysis After intensive discussion and testing…