Visual Studio 2005 Team System Basics Training

The Level 200 training that I wrote about earlier (see Ramping up on Team Foundation Server - Some Guidance) has now been released, you can download at

I do recommend the labs to anyone who wants to learn about TFS (or VSTS), and you will also find PowerPoints to help you ramp-up your skills.

What you download is a compressed Virtual PC image which contains all necessary applications, labs manuals and sample files. The problem with this release is that it requires you to download all of the 5209 MB just to get to the lab manual and sample files. But I guess most of the intended audience (corporate developers) are able to download files to their office computers during night.time, so I will not impact their day-time performance too much (except anticipation :-).

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  1. jchap says:

    There seems to be a problem with the VPC.  The performance explorer won’t open using the published image.  The hands-on labs in section 4.3 simply don’t work.

    This is a great appraoch.  Please continue to provide VPC Images for training.


    Jim C.

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