Microsoft has acquired SysInternals

I just found out that MS has acquired SysInternals and WinInternals, it was announced on July 18th. SysInternals has for years been an independent site providing great tools, with focus on system level monitoring and diagnostics. My favorites tool is DebugView which I always use to view by debug traces.

It's with mixed feelings that I receive this announcement as SysInternals has been an excellent independent resource, and only time will tell if we will be able to keep all the great tools updated and develop new. One problem with this acquision is that the SysInternals tools might be moved into MSDN and/or Platform SDK, where they will be harder to find than what they are today. But if we are lucky MS will keep the site up and running...

Read Mark Russinovich statement at SysInternal Announcement, the number of comments are HUGE!

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