How To Register More Than 3 Windows Phones For Development


Really, all you need to do is log into the Windows Phone Dev Center, contact support and submit a ticket with the subject “Phone Unlock”.



Give some reason you need more than 3 devices. Here is a list of good sample reasons:

  • I have more than 3 devices.
  • I need to test on more than 3 devices.
  • I want to wallpaper my house with Windows Phones.
  • Each of my 8 cats writes Windows Phone apps and needs a device to continue doing so.

Really, anything approaching a reasonable justification will be accepted and you can get your phone limit increased.

    Comments (3)

    1. Bryan says:

      I'd be really interested in a way to get my hands on a WP8 device for a reasonable price.  Until then, I'm limited to the emulator or my every-day phone for WP7.

    2. Robert says:


      Keep an eye on your local T-Mobile store, they will do discount deals with no contract, then you can get a month to month 4G plan for as low as $30 a month.

    3. Courtney says:

      Why not just give us 100 devices to start with like Apple??

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