Collecting audio logs the old-fashioned way

In previous blog posts I have showed how to use the Feedback Hub to file a new problem report with logs, and to add logs to an existing problem report.

It can also be useful to gather the logs outside of the Feedback Hub environment. For example, there is a current issue in the Feedback Hub which affects builds 14996 through 15006 (it is fixed in 15007) that breaks log collection.

  1. Download
  2. Extract it to a folder
  3. From the extracted folder, launch CollectAudioLogs.cmd
  4. This will prompt for elevation; allow it.
  5. You will receive two yes/no questions. Answer y to the first if you can reproduce the issue. Always answer y to the second.
  6. The script will run for several minutes and eventually create a .zip file right next to itself. The last line of the script output will refer to the .zip file, something like this:
    Logs are located at C:\Users\mateer\Desktop\Temp\CollectAudioLogs\

EDIT 2017-04-12: updated script

EDIT 2017-05-01: updated script to run WOW64

EDIT 2017-06-01: replace "media issues" .wprp with "audio glitches" .wprp

EDIT 2017-06-06: updated powershell to work even if run WOW64

EDIT 2017-07-28: various ETW provider changes (added ACPI, removed IE, added some driver-specific providers)

EDIT 2018-01-05: more ETW provider changes (added Capability Access Manager)

EDIT: 2018-02-21: allow spaces in the script path and temporary path

EDIT 2018-03-05: update ETW providers for Intel audio drivers

EDIT 2018-04-04: more ETW provider changes (added inbox effects)

EDIT: 2018-12-28: grab ksthunk service registry key

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  1. vishal Manan says:

    Good blog! Any tips on analyzing the trace?

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