Report problems, with logs, and suggest features, with the Feedback Hub

If you run into a problem with Windows 10, or if you would like to make a suggestion, you can use the Feedback Hub app. This works on both PC and phone.

  1. Launch the Feedback Hub app. Do a search for the thing you’re looking for. I used “usb” as an example. The screenshot on the left is from a phone, the screenshot on the right is from a PC.
  2. You can filter the category and subcategory down to make searching simpler. Note in the screenshot I have filtered down to Category: Hardware, Devices, and Drivers and Subcategory: Audio and sound.
  3. If you see your problem or suggestion listed already, use Upvote to reinforce it, and you’re done!
  4. If it isn’t there, congratulations – you are a pioneer! Use + Add new feedback
  5. You can select whether this is a problem or a suggestion. Give a quick summary in the title and more detail in the description. You can also attach screenshots or other files.
  6. If you are reporting a problem, it is very helpful for developers to have logs of the problem as it is happening.
    1. Use Begin monitoring to start the log collection. Begin monitoring will change to Stop monitoring.
    2. Make the problem happen.
    3. As soon as possible after the problem has happened, come back to the Feedback Hub and Stop monitoring. A “System monitoring file” will be attached to the feedback.
  7. Submit

If you want to share a direct link to the feedback you filed, you can use the Copy link feature.

But how do you find it again?

Well, you could search for it. But there’s a trick to make it easier. You can limit search results to feedback you have filed by applying a Filter: My feedback filter. Use Sort: Most recent to get your most recently filed feedback at the top.

Comments (9)

  1. David says:

    After latest update computer won’t boot keeps acting like it’s updating then goes to black screen sometimes with only a mouse cursor have to hard reset then it does it all over again. Was able to get into safe mode once but wouldn’t do anything in there very weird looks like I am going to have to restore from original disks windows 7.

  2. David says:

    Wish I could get back into safe mode found a possible fix in registry I really don’t want to have to erase computer. The built-in Windows 10 tools couldn’t fix and or said drive was locked.

  3. i had window 10 afther the reboot of my pc now i cant instal it and the program telsme im to late what can i do to donwn load it.

  4. Terri says:

    Since an auto-reboot of an update (evaluation copy build 14986.rs_prerelease.161202-1928) my computer keeps rebooting with stop codes. I get different codes all the time as the reboots happen over and over again. When I do get to the desktop, it doesn’t stay very long before it also reboots. I’m not sure what to try to fix it. I can’t stay in long enough to do much. If I try to stop using the preview build, will the computer be able to just do that, or will it need to boot up and download new things? (I’m not sure it will be able to.) I tried to restore to previous point, but it said there weren’t any within 10 days or something like that. What? Why such a short limit? I didn’t think not having a few restore points was even possible. I’m not sure what to try. I found a BIOS setting that referred to Plug and Play OS. It was set off. In the past I had Windows XP on the machine. I updated a year or so ago to Windows 10 64 bit. The machine has an i5 but it’s an older mother-board installed June 2012, ASUS P7P55 LX. I thought it might have PCI-Express 1.0 s;pts because a new video card had a lot less pins so I returned it, but the online info for the motherboard says PCI Express 2.0 so I’m confused now. I know my video card (quite old) and driver are not great with Windows 10, but I’m not sure if this preview build pushed that over the edge or there is something else with other drivers going on. Any ideas of what I can try since I have constant reboots but don’t want to reinstall from scratch yet?

    1. To help figure out what the bluescreen is, can you grab C:\Windows\memory.dmp and send it to me?

      You can roll back to a previous build by going to Settings | Update & Security | Recovery | Go back to an earlier build

    2. Tom Sussman says:

      I get the same error updating to 13986 from 13965 the stop code first said dxg error, when it rebooted it said pool handler error, I’m running Windows 10 Pro in Vmware workstation player 12.5, I think it maybe related to your 3D graphic changes. I’ve come so far with the windows insider experience, I would hate for this to end my journey.

  5. Dan Packard says:

    Numerous blue screen errors since loading build 14986. I cannot keep the computer up long enough to generate feedback on it.

  6. Bob blandin says:

    I installed build 14986 and now my laptop crashes after 1 minute. with a verity of different error messages such as “Attempted to write to read only area”, “page fault in non paged area”. also most of the message boxes are blank, kernel security is”. I have reset the laptop twice by downloading the ISO copy. Bob

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