How to record a phone call on a Windows 10 phone

First, check the specifications for your phone to see if it has the necessary hardware to support call recording - not all phones do.

For example, the Lumia 950 does: Lumia 950 specifications

And so does the Lumia 550: Lumia 550 specifications

You're looking for something like this:

Call management: call recording

If you're trying to set up call recording for the first time on Windows 10, this is what you will see when you make a call. Note the lack of a "record" button.

Dialing... no record button

Go into Settings | System | Phone | Default apps and tell Windows what app you want to use to manage the recording. The built-in "Voice Recorder" app can do it.

Default apps: Voice Recorder

Now when you make a call you will see this. Use the "record" button when you want to record a call.

Dialing... record button

EDIT 2016-07-12:

All well and good. But suppose you want to listen to a call that you have recorded. How do you do that? There are two ways.


  1. Go into the Phone app
  2. Switch to your call history tab
  3. Tap the three dots at the bottom
  4. Choose "recorded calls" from the menu
  5. This will open the Voice Recorder app in "recorded calls" mode. You should see a list of all your recorded calls. Tap any of them to listen to it.


  1. Plug the phone into your PC via a USB cable
  2. Browse to This PC | Windows phone | Phone | Recorded Calls
  3. You should see all your recorded calls
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  1. Konstantinas Nemcenko says:

    After last update on April 2017 there are no possibilities to record any call. I am very very disapointed

  2. saji ansari says:

    Thank you very much for my help

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