Enumerating inactive volume sessions

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  1. Patrik says:

    Hey Matthew,

    Do you know if there is anyway to record in 5.1 or binaural stereo using the Windows Phone API's (slim WASAPI, MF)?

    I've got a Lumia 930 and it does support Dolby surround in the Lumia Camera app. In Visual Studio however, WASAPI doesn't seem to be able to list all capture channels available.

    Thanks, and nice blog!

  2. First-party apps like the Lumia Camera app frequently have access to private APIs that are not available in the SDK.

  3. Patrik says:

    I guess that the Dolby Surround encoder isn't licensed for third-party apps or something. Had some ideas for an app utilizing the binaural capabilities of the 930 but I'll have to scrap them then.

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