Getting peak meters and volume settings for all apps and audio devices on the system

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  1. mca64 says:

    Hey. I uses this code for my delphi appication and have one problem. For speakers i can get peaks values in any moment. For stereo mix i cant. This device must be active (active recording or just open audio settings in Widnows). How to get values for this device in any moment?

  2. If a device has hardware peak metering, then the meter value is always accurate. There is a convenience method IAudioMeterInformation::QueryHardwareSupport which will tell you.

    If there are no active streams on a device without hardware peak metering, the meter value is always 0. For playback devices this is correct! But for recording devices this is a pain.

  3. mca64 says:

    thank You for answer

  4. E-H says:


    I'm trying to use the meters application on a computer running 64 bit Windows 7 Professional and I'm only get a "not a valid win32 application" error when executed. Is there anything you can advise.

  5. @E-H: This tool uses the package API, which is Windows 8 and later; it will not run on Windows 7. Try the tool attached to the "More on IAudioSessionControl and IAudioSessionControl2, plus: how to log a GUID" post linked above.

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