What is a perfect score in Yahtzee?

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  1. Glen says:

    the perfect score is 351

    1. charles says:

      Glen i would like to know how you get 351 even if you don’t play with the bonus yahtzee cus this is how the score would look


      So top would be 105 plus 35 for bonus which is 140

      3 of a kind(30)
      4 of a kind (30)
      Full house (25)
      small straight (30)
      large straight (40)
      Yahtzee (50)
      chance (30)

      Bottom is 235

      so 235 for bottom and 140 for top that would be 375

  2. Mick says:

    Apparently Glen cannot read.

  3. Mmh says:

    We always found the rules for extra Yahtzees to be detrimental to the game.

    We play as:

    1) Yahtzee can count as a 3-of-a-kind, 4-of-a-kind and full-house

    2) No 100 point bonus for extra Y! and no joker things

    This has the consequence that often it's better to score zero in Yahtzees and put the score somewhere else, giving more tactical depth. Like, score a Yahtzee of 5s in the 5 tris, to get the bonus instead of in the yathzee box.

  4. Kal says:

    What is the highest score you have ever personally seen?  At http://www.freethedice.com they have had over 2,000,000 games and the highest individual round was only 847, and that was four years ago!

  5. The highest score I've seen was on one of those handheld Yahtzee computer games, and was 485 if I remember correctly.

  6. steve says:

    1 year ago scored 527

  7. dale says:

    I just scored 634 on my last yahtzee game

  8. Sierra says:

    Today I got 1,029.

  9. chtistina says:

    I scored 1476 today

  10. bob says:

    So what happens if you throw 20 yathzee's in a row right from the start…..does this not mean 1950 leaving the rest of the boxes unchecked?

  11. @Bob: Good question.

    When you get your first Yahtzee, you score it in the Yahtzee box.

    Or maybe you got (6 6 6 6 6), and you decide to score it in SIXES instead. Fine. So when you get your second Yahtzee, you score it in the Yahtzee box.

    Or maybe you score that in FIVES… well, anyway, eventually you score *something* in the Yahtzee box. Great.

    And then you get another Yahtzee.

    Awesome. You put another tick next to the Yahtzee box, indicating that got another Yahtzee.

    But you're not done… you still need to score it somewhere. That is, you need to put it into a box.

    And that means you can't get 20 Yahtzees in a row. You can only get 13. After your 13th Yahtzee, all your boxes are full, and you're done.

  12. Jeremy says:

    The highest score I ever got in Yahtzee is 582 (4 Yahtzees).


  13. Lara says:

    When i played in http://www.freethedice.com, my highest score was 527… looking forward to score higher than that

  14. Mabon says:

    OK, So the bonus "35" Score of the upper section comes from the possibility of getting a bonus "YAHTZEE" of all numbers due to a pattern of 5's (5, 10, 15, 20 etc.) Just to get that out of the way.

    So assuming you get a YAHTZEE in all numbers for the top section it would total out to 105 plus the 35 bonus to make it a total possible score of 140 for the upper section.

    Now the lower section, (This applies both the House and Joker rules)

    so assuming all YAHTZEE's are of 6's the following would be scored 30: 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, and Chance. And since they are all YAHTZEE's it adds a score of 1200 for all 12 bonus YAHTZEE's (at 100 Each) plus the Full-House and straights are at face value so adding it all up 30+30+25+30+40+50+30+1200=1435 and the upper section, which was 5+10+15+20+25+30+35=140 and finally, 1435+140=1575. Which is a perfect score possible in YAHTZEE!

  15. Hello says:

    I just scored 2649583973937483739749474074947487403027395828401719480559584984948405837395740374936484948384584857495848748569838485969686969069273514273638506040494736485725184950604737496073627355681619602660375938503958383850849883747475625285628473846383683634765198104900012375747392756618429493938595029585058594849484754494749374885993758 on my last Yahtzee game

    1. Adolf says:

      I just scored 1 point more!

      1. Adolf says:

        Now 2 points more! Unbelievable! Fantastic!!

  16. Kirk Davenport says:

    needing a full house as the last category, I rolled 5 sixes – I would contend that I had the trio of sixes to go with a pair of sixes and thus a full house – the Yahtzee category was already filled. This was on an internet game and they would not let me count it as a full house. Can I challenge the ruling with any evidence or rulings – anyone know?

  17. @Kirk: you should have been able to score it in 25 points under the Joker rule, since YAHTZEE and SIXES were both checked.

    > I had the trio of sixes to go with a pair of sixes and thus a full house

    The official rules require that a full house consist of two *different* numbers.

  18. CAT says:

    If you get a Yahtzee for every category, you'd get 1300 points for the Yahtzee Bonus. Perfect score is 375, plus the 1300 is 1675.

    1. Dustin M Geddes says:

      No you don’t get the 100 point bonus on your first yahtzee…thus the maximum possible yahtzee bonus is 1,200

  19. Georgia says:

    No help biggest sore is 1673

  20. Actual answer says:


  21. ZG says:

    The highest score I ever got in Yahtzee multiplayer online is 404 .


  22. David Short says:

    I just looked at the official Hasbro rules & there is no mention of a 100 point bonus on any subsequent Yahtzees, only 50. Where did your version come from? My calculation comes up to 1035 assuming 5 of a kind will score on a full house. But it will not score on the straights so if they are already filled in that would change the score. So there is no true “highest score”

  23. Massimiliano says:

    Today I scored 5.
    PS: I am a grandmaster in this game, I can always defeat you all in Triple Yaytzee.

    1. Logan says:


  24. Logan White says:

    I got 318 today! I know that sucks

  25. Karenneal says:

    I did not get my 25 rolls or dice for installing Starz

  26. ROBERT BOGDEN says:

    If you play the online app called “New Yatzhee” they have certain rules:
    Additional Yahtzee is 50 bonus points
    They do not allow 5 of kind for Full house
    The highest score for this app is 880.

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